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Cyber Witch Halloween Make-up Tutorial

This Cyber Witch Make-Up tutorial will transform you into the ultimate modern Witch this Halloween.


This sexy Halloween Make-Up, featuring stunning green, striking black and shimmering sparkles is sure to make you stand out at any Halloween party. Simply follow the step by step guide to achieve this dramatic look. Finish off your Halloween costume, with a Witches Wig, and scary or glamorous costume – the choice is yours!

Finish the look with a Smiffys Witch Costume

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation this Halloween.

Smiffys Make-Up FX are professional standard face and body paints that are simple to apply and easy to remove. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and complying with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations you can be sure of a product that is safe and easy to use.


 Make up tutorial instructions


  • Apply green to cheekbones, outer eyelids, above eyes and top of eyebrows.


  • Use applicator to dab white highlights above green line, above eyebrows and add white to do eyelids with a brush.


  • Add a thin piece of sellotape between eyes and using a thin brush. paint black stripes either side of the tape and add black detail on both sides.


  • Paint black line on the bottom and the top of the eyelids, then carefully remove the sellotape.


  • Get creative! Brush black lines how ever you like. Sprinkle glitter to white areas and apply with a cotton bud. Use sellotape to remove excess glitter.


  • Paint think black line to outer lips and fill the lips with green. Finally, dab glitter to the centre of the lips and add a wig.