Lion Face Paint Make-Up Tutorial


Lion Face Paint Make-Up Tutorial

This fantastic Lion Make-Up tutorial will transform you into a wild animal.


With fiery brown colouring, gold glitter spray and striking black detail, you’re sure to make a roar!  This look is easy to achieve with a few simple steps, and is perfect for any occasion. Complete the look with a Black 80s Trademark Crimp Wig, and you’re ready for any party!

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation.

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Smiffys Make-Up FX are professional standard face and body paints that are simple to apply and easy to remove. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and complying with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations you can be sure of a product that is safe and easy to use.

 Make up Make up tutorial instructions


Number 1 width= Use sponge to apply bronze to the whole face. Using brush, apply white around both eyes, reaching the temple areas.


Number 1 width=Using brush, apply white to the lips, and around the mouth area, reaching the chin, blending the white into the bronze.


Number 1 width=Following the cheek line, apply dark brown to the corners of the face. Continue to apply to the edges of the hairline and around the face line, reaching underneath the ears.


Number 1 width=Apply dark brown to the upper eye area. Using brush apply black underneath the eye area. Apply black under the nose, top lip and underneath the nostrils.


Number 1 width=Add black dots to the upper lip area. Apply the eyelashes.


Number 1 width=Spray the gold glitter around the neck and shoulder line and a small amount to the forehead. Style the wig.

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